Saturday, July 11, 2015

Thomas Schaller On Watercolor Painting 

Thomas Schaller On . . .
  His Typical Working Method: About 75 percent of my work is made in the studio, but 100 percent of what I do is informed by my plein-air work. If I’m not able to complete a painting on site, I do a small sketch–not to record what the subject looks like, but rather to capture the effects of light and the mood I’ll want to convey in the final piece.
His Greatest Challenge: In the study of Buddhism, there’s the belief that the act of letting go takes more strength and courage than the effort to hold on. So, to relax, to breathe, to reduce the stress of expectation and the desire for “perfection” are my biggest challenges.
The Most Interesting Thing About the Way He Works: I never sit down. I move around constantly, and I also move my painting around a good deal. I hold it upright, tip it this way and that, and use gravity to manipulate and guide the flow of my washes for various effects. Learn more about Schaller’s watercolor painting techniques in
Thomas Schaller: Watercolor Touched By Light.

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