Sunday, January 22, 2006

In the time when people felt the weight of religion,

wallowing upon the ground and—a ghastly spectacle—

heaven scowled down upon them and showed no mercy,

a Greek man was the first to raise his eyes,

daring to make a stand against it.

He took no notice at all of the thunder and lightning,

religious recitations merely incited him;

He said he would expose the secrets of nature

and so, by force of intelligence, and no other,

he pierced beyond the flaming walls of the world,

paraded up and down the whole immensity

and returned victoriously with explanations for everything

—what could happen, what not, and what were the limits,

all fixed and measured, of every nature and thing.

And so he had religion under his feet.

He won, and as a result we have no superiors.


Exposing some secrets of nature. . .
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