Sunday, November 19, 2006

Heaven... Easy or difficult
EASY to get there whether you believe or not.
1. define what you mean when you say "heaven"
state of bliss or a state that is a place?
2. If place- Pick heaven of choice:
gold/ virgins/ to live again
3.Pick belief system that corresponds to destination
4.Join/ attend & practice belief system
5.Enlist eternal cheerleader that will talk up your value
from a belief system point of view.
Do it for the family... "Support the team."

DIFFICULT: for those who question...
1. Deny reason
2. Deny the majority
3. Deny prevailing myths of faith, society & country
4. Deny the need for a "cosmic label" associated with
your name
5. accept that you will be labeled a "Humbug" or "Scrooge"
during holidays... even if you are a moral & caring person.

Warren Thompson -on my 53'rd birthday
born in 1953

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