Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day
Mom, Thank you for all you do for so many, especially your family.
There seems to be people that rise to the occassion in families
-those who care and are given and are the caregivers formally or informally.
I want you to know & I'm sure Daddy would too - that you will not need to go through all this care alone.
I have great memories... from the car sliding backwards, lessons on honesty, the kids saying how pretty my mom is & all of your involvement in all of
our education & lives. I read often a passage where a beautiful person lives out & preaches their own eulogy without the need for the praises of others. Prov.31 This is certainly true of your life & your care for others.

I Love You
sorry I lost the brown plaid shirt
some kid found a treasure!

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