Friday, June 01, 2007

No real scientists pretend that answers are certain or that math is perfect beyond the basics. Like physics, theoretical math reaches a point of contradiction making it really fascinating and beautiful.But like all the superstitions, science doesn't tell me the answers to what it means to live a good, meaningful life. I have to define what is good for myself. If I turn to the Bible, Koran, Book of the Dead, or whatever else humans have been inspired to write, I will still be left with contradictions and paradox. There are no clear "right" answers because one rule seems to always contradict another.Philosophy, as Jaspers said, is best lived.
I do my best to do the "right" thing by most of humanity, while admittedly adhering to Camus' acknowledgment that family is still special to me and has some greater value that
I can't defend with logic.I don't live according to superstition or science. I live according to what I think is right.
Problem is... I'll never know if I was right.
- C. S. Wyatt

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