Friday, November 23, 2007

Meta- student

All is change.
I never step into the same river twice with Heraclitus.

Know thyself.
I question with Socrates.

Enjoy the garden, help others, find happiness.
My friend is Epicurus.

Keep the covenant, do justly.
ancient fathers & mothers made covenant with the unknown.
... following Moses into the desert.

Attach to nothing, be at one with all
caring for the hurt the Buddha saw.

Following what is love
leaving hate behind
sitting at the feet of a friend to the forsaken...Jesus.

Searching the wheat in all teachers
blowing away the chaff
speaking out against what is not divine,
agreeing "I do not know."
focusing on bettering humankind / respecting the earth we call home.

I am student.

-Warren Thompson 11/23/07

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