Friday, December 14, 2007

Sign cries out, “living as if god exists”

silence exists, atoms, the void

Matter, chemicals collide, gases swell

Timeless ebb and flow

Gases and suns explode flying into the darkness
dying and giving raw material for birth

heat… heat cooling, freezing, collisions of matter

light, electricity, gravity, moisture
clouds, rain and more & more

matter washes back and forth, sand, soil

oceans, lightning, thermal vents

in the creative soup cells change to life

cells evolve, life adapts to harshness

uncounted species evolve, adapt, reproduce, live and die

species form community/ rules evolve to protect

rites evolve to gain favor with unexplained forces… the gods.

Gaps in imperfect knowledge are bridged by belief and faith.

Life creates what it has power to create

new life, beauty, art, speech and within it

are the seeds of its own existence

and eventual non-existence.

A grain of sand/ a life lived

Some grains small/ some a little bigger

and the grains return

they exist

Living to die/ living to exist

Exist and then….exist as change overcomes /atoms change
and they


Warren Thompson

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