Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Let it Go
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Let it GoCopyright 2003 Corinne Curcio

Time’s sand

Let it go
Open your hand as it slips thru your fingers
Lost youth
Let it go

A moment of truth, not a fancy that lingers

Cruel taunt
Let it go
Don’t let it haunt all your days
Angry wall

Let it go
Brick by brick it falls away

The wounded heart you think beyond repair
Can leave you in the canyons of despair
Don’t dwell in that lonely land too long

Let it go, and you will know where you belong
Let it go

Winter freeze
Let it go
Summer breeze will soon come again
Dark cloud

Let it go
Simply allowed to drift on the wind

Don’t hold tight, let your kite fly free

You never know where it might lead
Don’t grieve as it soars out of sight

Let it go and watch your dreams take flight
Let it go

Let it go
Far away from your door
Caged bird

Let it go
A new song’s heard on a distant shore

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