Saturday, April 19, 2008

WHERE could I find a father that...
learned as a youth to care deeply about his family.
supported his mother, respected a new dad and
helped raise his little brother.

A father not afraid to launch out, work hard and
move when necessary to provide for his family.

A father who teaches lessons even while playing
baseball- like saying "Sorry" when he hit the ball
in the weeds.

A father who raised one of the most productive and
lush gardens and allowed me to help.

A father who set an example in service to others and
and faith in God.

A father willing to help and share when things were
tough for others.

A father not afraid to dream and to work to see them
come true.

A father who would continue to share all he had in many
different ways for his family.

A father who loves and cares even while his life is slowing


Warren Otis Thompson 6/20/04

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