Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I believe in answers supported by evidence, experiments, observations, measurements and finally proof.

I believe that natural laws, both known and some yet undiscovered, allow for the existence of the universe and everything within it, including life. No magic required.

I believe that all of the finer abstract values of human beings such as love, tolerance, patience, forgiveness, charity, generosity, honesty and (fill in the blank) were woven into the God concept by His authors, because they hoped-like-hell that He would have those qualities. Once everyone took this concept to heart, the authors said "If everyone believes it, it must be true."

I believe that religion is very important and worthwhile. It teaches morality when all else fails. If believers must pay their tithes, and live in fear of God, then they accept this as the price of a safety net after death, just in case.

I believe that others who understand the roots and branches of religion enjoy examining it as I do. Religion is more revealing of human nature than any other field that I have studied.

I believe that true believers will consider my views with sincere interest, as I do theirs.

-Kerry Cort- Eons.com

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